Marathon Training Schedule - Beginner

Week  #  1



Getting Ready for the Marathon Season!  

Welcome to the start of our Beginner weekly marathon training schedule.

Marathon Training Tip Of The Week:

People will find it very difficult to be ready to run a marathon with success if they haven't taken weeks or even months to adequately prepare for it. You see, running a marathon is no simple undertaking. Very few (if any) people could do absolutely no preparation and still be successful in the just over twenty-six mile race.



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Marathon Training Schedule: Week 1

This is the first step in a long (18 week) road. Remember that the mental side of marathon training is just as important if you want to train well and run a good race! 





Beginner Level: Week 1 Mileage Chart

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7 Total Miles
5 E 5 HD Rest 5 E Rest 7 L Rest 22

E - Easy Pace; HD - Hard Pace; HL - Hills; L - Long Slow Run; M - Marathon Pace; T - Tempo






To enter into a marathon training program you need to have a mileage base that you have been carrying for some time, say 6 months.  This should be around 20 miles per week or 3 to 4 hours per week.  Preferably 4 or more days per week.


  • A mileage base of 20 miles per week for at least 6 months

  • Good quality running shoes

  • Time to commit to this program

  • Determination to stick it out through the good and the bad

Following are the suggested day-by-day training goals for this week's training. Don't worry if you have to miss a day, or make adjustments. This is an 18 week program and you have plenty of time to get back on track.

Week 1 Daily Training Schedule



Day 1

 – Easy 5 miler.  Run this on gently rolling or flat terrain. Softer surfaces would be better such as trails or grass or dirt roads.  No heavy breathing on this run.  Start at a warm-up pace, then increase to your regular pace and finally slow to a cool down pace.

Day 2

 – Hard 5 miles.  Stretching is optional before a run.  This run should take place on a relatively flat area and you should be above your personal comfort level.  Note run to consist of warm-up pace (15%, hard run 70%, cool down 15%). Stretching mandatory after run.

Day 3

 – Rest.  (Cross training like an easy bike ride, short swim, or easy walk is optional along with your daily stretching regime).

Day 4

 – Easy 5 miler. Run this on gently rolling or flat terrain as on day one. Take it easy on this run.  As always warm-up pace, regular pace and finally cool down pace.

Day 5

 – Rest (see earlier rest day)

Day 6

 – Long run day 7 miles to be conducted at an easy pace (distance will define this as a hard day). Warm-up will consist of 15%, easy 70% run and cool down 15%.  Stretching after is mandatory.

Day 7

 – Rest (See earlier rest day) .



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