Marathon Training Schedule - Beginner

Week  #  8



Marathon Training Tip Of The Week: - Focus

The next few weeks of the training program are relatively difficult. The key to this phase is to maintain your focus on the overall goal - running a successful marathon! Remind yourself often why you are doing all this training, especially if the going is tough and you are feeling tired...



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Marathon Training Schedule: Week 8

The long run distances are starting to increase and you will need plenty of rest. Try to carbo-load the day before the long run to increase your energy stores. 




Beginner Level: Week 8 Mileage Chart

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7 Total Miles
6 E 5 T Rest 5 E Rest 15 L 3 E 34

6 E 5 T Rest 5 E Rest 15 L 3 E 34

E - Easy Pace; HD - Hard Pace; HL - Hills; L - Long Slow Run; M - Marathon Pace; T - Tempo






As the base building phase of your training continues, the mileage increases and the probability of injuries rises.  It is, paramount, therefore that you monitor your body and do all that you can to keep fit.  Nutrition, rest and knowing when to cut back a little bit will definitely help.

The beginner training schedules follow the hard day / easy day approach. if you have to modify this week's training for any reason, try to stick to this basic principle.

Week 8 Daily Training Schedule



Day 1:

After a tough long run, two easy days in a row may be in order. Six miles at an easy controlled pace today please

Day 2:
Today's run is 5 miles of tempo. Normally, the distance would begin to increase, but at this level of training, an introduction to the concept of tempo is plenty.

Day 3:
Rest day. Cross train if you wish. Definitely do some stretching.

Day 4:
Another Easy run of 5 miles today. If you have a different suitably flat route do it just for a change.

Day 5:
Rest Day. An easy bike ride perhaps. Above all, take it easy because tomorrow is your longest yet.

Day 6:
LSD today (15 big ones). Please keep it Slow and stretch after. If you have a running friend who can run with you even to start the run or finish it with you, give him/her a call. Company on these long runs can be a very positive aspect. Go out for breakfast after. Time for a reward?

Day 7:
Today the word recovery begins to take on real meaning. Three miles at a very easy pace with some stretching in the middle of the run as well as after. A 34 mile week Good Job.


Marathon Program Training Tips

  • The purpose of the long run is to build up strength and endurance and to get your body used to continuous exercise over an extended time. Thatís all -you donít need to run at your intended marathon pace, (or faster!), this can be counterproductive and will increase the risk of injury.

  • Donít take your long run for granted Ė approach it like you would a race. If youíre not feeling on form our advice is to postpone the long run to another day.



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